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Cut my dreads !

Maybe you’re shocked. Maybe you’re pleased. Probably neither.  Probably you don’t really care or you don’t know what to think about it.   Why?! – I can’t name a concrete reason. Maybe I was tired of my dreads. Maybe I wanted something new. Maybe I wanted to give it a try. There’s no senetce like “I hate my dreads” or “the others…

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New glasses !

Finally…  For a long time I wish for a new pair of glasses but it has always delayed, beacause I could not get appointment with the eye doctor. But now: Here are them!   (Fielmann)  The Outfit:   T-Shirt: DeliriousSkirt: VERO MODASocks: H&M Watch: swatch (swatch swiss) Bracelet (green): DIYBracelet (white): PrimarkBracelet (golden):  ? —> second hand  These summerdays aren’t warm and  they are…

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